The department is largely concerned with assessment and evaluation of foundations for a wide variety of structures including housing, multistoried buildings, plants, substations, water towers, transmission lines, offshore engineering works and other infrastructure and industrial projects.
Laboratory Tastings
Classification Tests
Index Tests
Odometer Consolidation
Triaxial UU, CIU, CID
Simple shear box
Uniaxial compression tests on rocks
Effective stress condition: UU w/pwp, CIU, CID, CRS consolidation
Total stress condition: TV, MU, UU, Fall cone
California Bearing Ratio Test CBR.

Field Testings
Drilling of boreholes and conducting of SPT.
Peizocone Penetration Test PCPT.
Field Density Test by Nuclear / Sand cone
Plate Load Test
Soil Electrical Resistivity
Pile integrity test for concrete piles.
Witnessing of pile load test and reporting.
CBR Field
Installation of standpipe piezometer for monitoring ground water level.
Drilling and installation of groundwater monitoring wells for environmental purpose.